Things You May Not Be Aware Of About The Lemon Law

You must have heard about the lemon law? It is the law in the United States which states that if the purchaser is getting a problem with the item that they have purchased and the thing is getting damaged repeatedly and is not able to meet the quality and performance that are a promise to them.

Then the purchaser can file the case. But there are few things that you need to consider because only you will be able to file the case.

You can hire the best Los Angeles lemon law lawyer, they will explain to you about the things that you may not know, and some of those things are mentioned here-

What makes the car lemon?

The car will be referred to as the lemon if you file the case in the warranty period, and the defect should be there even after repairing it several times.

If there is a defect in the car, but you are filing the case after the warranty period, then you may not be able to claim it. And if you face a problem in the warranty period, you should only g t the dealer or manufacturer.

Things You May Not Be Aware Of About The Lemon Law

Substantial defect

If you want to get compensation or apply for the lemon law, then there should be a major problem in the car and not just any minor problem.

You need to make sure that the defect should occur in the warranty period or at a certain time, and you have repaired it multiple times.