Tips For Protecting Your Cables From Pedestrian And Road Traffic

Whether at work or home, you will be in contact with wiring, and it will need to be protected from foot traffic, environmental factors, and other elements, that is why you need a 2 channel cable ramp.

Protect Your Cables From Road Traffic

Protect your cables from road traffic. If you know that there will be a constant passage of vehicles on your cables, you should consider covering them with a cable grommet so as not to damage or cut them. The Cable Guard cable protector would be the product we recommend for this type of traffic. This product is very easy to install and remove, thanks to the lid that can be lifted. It is available in different sizes and with single or multiple channels.

Protect Your Industrial Cables

To keep your workplace up to standard safety standards, you must take certain precautions regarding your floor cables. Likewise, it must also be taken care of to avoid too high replacement costs.

High-capacity cable protectors specially designed for professionals are available on our website. These products will protect your cables from pedestrian and road traffic to prevent workers and passers-by from falling and protect your wiring from being crushed.Yellow Jacket cable protectors will be suitable for the constant passage of forklifts and machinery. Indeed, they can withstand extreme pressure without damaging the wiring.

To avoid the loss of power of your cables due to crushing, for example, there are products such as cable trays, trucking, or other cable supports. Similarly, cable ties are very simple products, inexpensive, and suitable in many situations to allow you to secure your cables by raising them and grouping them. Some cable reels are designed for outdoor use and resist UV or extreme conditions.Also, heat-shrink tubing can insulate electrical current and protect against chemicals, rust, humidity, or weather conditions.

Protect And Organize Your Wiring At Home

If your cabling is behind your TV, computer, radio, or telephone, we recommend using cable trays to hold those cables neatly against your wall or floor. This technique allows you to eliminate the clutter around your electrical and electronic equipment, and it will also prevent you from tripping over it. These cable ducts are very easy to install. You can choose from our many models, shapes, and colors to blend in with your decor.